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The Roma Access Programs (RAP) is an externally funded unit at Central European University, Budapest that helps young Roma students to progress in their academic and professional careers. The long-term goal of RAP is to prepare young, outstanding Roma students to conduct local and international academic and advocacy work and to serve as role models and leaders for the Roma community overall.

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The unit has two programs, the Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) and the Roma English Language Program (RELP).

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) aims to increase opportunities for post-graduate study for talented Roma students. The only program of its kind in the world, the intensive nine-month program prepares Roma students to enter international English-language postgraduate studies in social sciences through open competition at top universities. During each cycle of the program, 10-20 participants receive a full scholarship that covers travel, tuition, housing, health insurance, living expenses and study materials. The students take English language classes and academic writing courses; receive personalized tutoring in a discipline of their choice; audit master's level classes at CEU; receive guidance on the scholarship application process; and actively participate in public lectures, academic conferences, and seminars. More than 100 students have graduated from the program since it began in 2004. Over 50 percent of these graduates have been accepted into MA and PhD programs—many of them with competitive scholarships—at CEU and other internationally recognized universities.

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program is funded by VELUX Foundations, the Roma Initiatives Office of the Open Society Foundations, and the Roma Education Fund .


 The Roma English Language Program (RELP) is a 9-month preparatory course for talented Roma youth to improve their English skills to enter the workforce in positions that will make a difference to their home communities. RELP is funded by the Roma Initiatives Office of the Open Society Foundations.

Students encourage you to join the Roma English Language Program at Central European University. Click here  to see their message to you!


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